Bunny Skate

2016 - 2018

Skate the day away in this endless skating adventure.

Passion Project

2016-2017 MSU Game of the Year

2016-2017 MSU People's Choice

  • Designed one touch game play

  • Implemented modular store system for easy updating

  • Designed hat quests system for unique quests on every hat

  • Implemented leader boards using SQL and web server

Plunder Panic

2017 (ongoing)

12 players.  2 teams.  Complete chaos!

  • Implemented 12 player support plugin with Unity

  • Created custom controller assignment for assigning certain controllers to certain teams

  • Implemented random character selection at start screen

Windows / Nintendo Switch

Match One


Test your skills!  Can you find the match?

Passion Project

3000+ Downloads

  • Designed game with simple one touch mechanics

  • Implemented leader boards using SQL on web server

  • Implemented advertisements with rewards

  • Implemented in app purchase to remove advertisements

Dream Racer

2016 - 2017

Race your way through financial literacy.

500+ Downloads

  • Designed simple two touch game play mechanics

  • Implemented AI racers with variable difficulty

  • Implemented custom parts for cars

  • Implemented tournament mode

Rift Dodger


Steer through danger in this endless arcade survival.

Passion Project

48 Hour Game Jam

  • Designed game play

  • Implemented particle effects

  • Implemented wave system with progressive difficulty

  • Fixed Unity bugs to make WebGL compatible

Tahir's Playbook

2016 - 2017

Tracking nutrition has never been more fun!

Sponsored by Tahir Whitehead

  • Designed simple one touch interception game

  • Implemented queued controls for responsive game play in infinite runner game

  • Optimized UI with sprite sheet for better mobile performance

iOS / Android / WebGL

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